Stop the ‘hair headache’ ! It’s a girl thing

We can all relate to that ‘hair headache’ after having your hair tied up so tight or for long periods of time you end up with a headache ! It’s annoying and there is nothing worse than finishing work with a headache every day just because you have had your hair back.

Well I’ve found the answer. You see them ALL the time but they really do work. Invisibobble hair bands are life changing to the hair headache. Also known as coil or spiral bands they come in a variety of colours, designed to hold and lock your hair into place as oppose to pulling it. I have very long thick hair and the spiral bands hold my hair better than any of the old fashion elastic style.

These bands are amazing. No more pulling of your head / hair. Reducing breakage too. Unlike hair ties wrapped round and round so tight. The invisibobble also glides out of ur hair with ease. They do stretch like normal hair bands but there is a way to get them back as tight as new. Look out for my next blog on how !

French braids,the best way to making it easy! Quick tip 😜

This blog is going to be short!! Because it’s just so simple. People ask me all the time ‘ do you do your plaits yourself ?’ I always answer ‘yes’ and the next question I get is ‘how?’ Well, once you got the hang of the actual braiding it’s straight forward. The best tip I share with you all is. DO NOT LOOK IN THE MIRROR! Simple. In the mirror it all gets confusing, forwards looks backwards and vice versa. Without looking constantly in the mirror it’s so much easier. Feel your way around your hair, you can check occasionally to see if your hair is laying flat etc. But try it. Not looking in the mirror I promise it’s easier. Same goes for curling hair. !!

I don’t no about you, but I’m not sure I could live without my GHD’s!!? Not only are mine pretty and pink but I would look like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. That’s why I look after them so well, don’t you ??

Straighteners are expensive to replace, so cleaning and looking after your straighteners (GHD or not) is an important step to maintaining its efficiency. Regular cleaning will not only keep your hair styler looking good, but it can also prolong its life. Finding greasy buildup from hair products on your hair straightener can stop it preforming to its full potential, it can look dirty and grubby too. However, even if they don’t look dirty it doesn’t mean they are clean.

Small amount of build up along the edges of the plates. It doesn’t look like a lot, but you might be surprised

Most professional hair products are actually water soluble and should wipe off easy, which is great for us users. Some cheaper hair products do contain ingredients like silicone that will leave an increased amount of build up on your straighteners plates. I can tell straight away when there is build up on my plates because they just don’t style as good as I no they can! Sometimes when they heat up you can even smell the burning product.

What appeared to be a small amount of build up, is surprisingly a lot!

I clean my straighteners around once a week to 10 days, depending on how frequent I’ve used them and how much product I’ve applied. It’s so easy to do, simply clean them with water!!! — Wet a cloth with clean, cold water then squeeze it to remove any excess. Rub the damp cloth gently over the plates surface. A face/wet wipe can also be a good alternative for a damp cloth. REMEMBER – always unplug and switch off straighteners when cleaning and ensure they have cooled Down.


Everyday hair essentials! What are yours ?

If you saw my bio you will no I am all about spreading the word on products that ACTUALLY work!!!! Are will not all sick of wasting money on products that don’t do what they promise ???

Naturally my hair is out of control. For 15 years. It’s been trial and error with products and now I have it down to a T! My general every day look is usually messy waves or I’m queen of the ponytail, the sleeker but fuller the better. Ariana Grande is my ponytail idol!

Follow my short yet informative, to the point blogs, on products for achieving many styles. Let’s start with the basics. The must haves to my every day hair collection:

    Tangle Teezer
    Paul Mitchell The Conditioner
    Vidal Sassoon hairdryer
    GHD straighteners
    Argan oil
    Heat protector spray
    Medium hold hair spray

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